Are You Making Any of These Bath-Time Mistakes As a Pet Owner?

By Taya Burnett  | Submitted On February 21, 2017


For the majority of human beings, going for a shower or bath is a calming experience. But for our pets it can be anything but unwinding. They always sprint around in the other direction of the tub when hearing the noise, the cleansing and suds. Grooming your pet is a necessity that not only keeps their coat healthy, but also reduces allergies and possibility of infection and lessens the spread of dirt and germs throughout your house. While your furry pal may resist to the idea of the bath, as a pet owner it is your task to make it as positive and easy-going as possible for your pet.

But never make these bath-time mistakes while bathing your pet:

Wrong Water Temperature

Pet owners make the mistake of either bathing their pet with too hot or too cold water. Instead, you should bath your pet with lukewarm water. As too hot or too cold water can create a negative stimulus that can make them resist taking a bath. So, how would you know it is the right temperature? Just spray the nozzle on your forearm and if you are fine with the temperature of the water, give bath to your fur baby.

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5 Tips for Buying the Best Dry Food For Your Dog

By Satvik Mittal  | Submitted On March 09, 2017


If you have a pet dog and you are going to buy him some quality dry food, you should be careful. Feeding the wrong food to your animal may make him sick. So, use the following tips to be on the safe side and make the right choice.

1. Avoid Wheat-Based Dry Food

If one thing that you should never give your dog to eat, it is wheat. Yes, you should avoid all types of wheat-based dry food. As a matter of fact, dogs are on the list of animals that are sensitive to gluten. Dogs find it extremely hard to digest gluten. If forced to eat gluten, your dog may suffer from malabsorption, recurring eat, skin or many intestinal conditions. According to experts, gluten is the main suspect when it comes to arthritis in dogs. So, you should go for a wheat-free dry food.

2. Meat Meal

Before you go for meat meal, you should ask the food manufacturer to spell out how the processed meat meal is safe for your pet. If you absolutely have to purchase a produce containing meal, make sure you know the animal they used to make the produce. It may be a chicken for instance. The same is true for animal fat. You should know the name of the animal that they obtained fat from.

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The Basics of Cat Training

By Kritika Modgil  | Submitted On October 22, 2016


First Things First: If you're training your cat to sit, stay and fetch things at your commands, perhaps you should get a dog. If you're training your cat to adroitly perch himself over the toilet seat to do his business then you're on the wrong way too.

Cats are solitary predators and they have the nature to avoid or attack those who show hostility towards them or make them do things they do not want to. Training a cat means being able to understand its nature and help him do things that you want (but be patient it is going to take a lot of time.)

Contrary to the popular opinion, the feline companions can be taught to perform on cue. The key is to successfully discover what food treat appeals him the most and to present it immediately each time he responds to a verbal cue with the desired behavior. A successful training is accomplished through praise and food rewards.

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